Through the work of our ‘Women Loan Project’, Shine with Skills strives to enable single mothers and widows in rural village settings to be economically independent and self-sustainable with increased confidence and heightened self worth.
We have always loved the idea of ‘Micro-finance loans’ as they not only provide women with capital to start a business but also focus on education; teaching women how to save, budget and organize themselves to be financially independent. The program richly empowers the women, as they are not receiving handouts, but in order for them to truly benefit from the program they too have a responsibility to make an effort. We had seen firsthand how beneficial the loan scheme was and wanted to put together something similar. This is when we came up with the idea of a ‘Women’s Initiative Project’.
Shine with Skills provides agricultural equipment and or parent livestock,  to dedicated youth & vulnerable women, coupled with extensive business training and planning to enable them to successfully grow and develop their farm into a sustainable income generating business.  As the program progresses, we plan to offer other forms of  live-stock as business capital, such as cows, pigs, chickens etc.