Let’s Work Together!

Do you have skills? Or training or expertise that you believe could be utilized to support, train and educate communities and individuals in Uganda? Or are you in a position where you would be interested in volunteering with our team in Uganda to help spread the world, advocate and raise funds for Shine with Skills?

Shine with Skills would love to hear from you and see how we can best connect you to work in one of our in-house programs, or help link you with a partner program in the local community – whatever will best suit your skill set.

Contact us now to find out more or let us know how you think you would be able to be utilized and we will discuss how we can create a positive volunteer experience that will richly benefit the communities in which you are engaging with.

Technical Vocational Skills
Intensive mobilization, information and education on vocational skills, advocacy for vocational skills and communication campaigns development among communities.
Environmental Programs
Community sensitization about tree planting and its impact on the local environment. Raising awareness about waste management and carbon emissions.
Psychological Support For Vulnerable Children
Phyco-social support for vulnerable young people. There's vital need for Initiating income generating projects for vulnerable children at their schools.
Event Volunteers
To pull of our biggest fundraising events of the year, we rely on a friendly and energetic team of volunteers who are ready to jump in where we need them most. Ask to be added to our group for the next Event.


Get your feet wet in the professional world, add a real-world project or two to your resumé, and maybe gain some college credits when you join our internship program. View and apply for one of our current internship opportunities or pitch your own position by using the contact form below.


Let us know how you’re interested in joining our team and any specials skills or interests you have so we can plug you into an opportunity that you will love and will bring value to SWS’s mission!