Contact Info
Oketch John Francis
General Secretary

Francis Former project manager of TESDA international development agency (IDA).

He Holds an advanced certificate in electrical installation from lugogo vocational institution.

He’s a Former technician at elite electrical and general engineering services and Super visor at tembo aluminum limited.

A victim myself as a school dropout due to poverty who later joined a vocational skilling program in Jinja vocational training institute in electrical installation,   I’m very passionate to serve having gone through challenges due to unskilled labor affecting my performance in a society, I fully dedicate myself through shine with skills foundation to create change in hopeless young people and restore their ability to dream with a skill.

My objective is to pursue a constructive position in an ever-changing environment conducive to my intellectual development; and be part of a result oriented organization where a blend of my acquired skills, knowledge and education will be satisfactorily utilized for the growth of the organization, society and myself while upholding the values of integrity and accountability.