Shine with Skill’s Tailoring, Fashion and Design course equips Ugandan youth with the knowledge, practical skills and training they require to pursue a promising career within the fashion industry.

Shine with Skill’s Tailoring Fashion and Design skilling is run by passionate, highly trained, local fashion designers. Throughout the skilling program, the students cover a series of topics ranging from how to use a variety of machines and means of technologies, taking of measurements, pattern making, product design and development, fashion illustration, design adaption, the use of diverse textiles across various styles and garments as well as a variety of business, economics and entrepreneurial components.

We have so far seen extremely positive results from this program. Not only have our students been equipped with the skills they require to run their own businesses and support themselves financially, we have also seen immense personal growth, including heightened levels of confidence, empowerment and self-esteem. These graduates are now going on to empower other members of their community, which is so amazing to see!
A main component of the course is encouraging our student’s to utilize their new Tailoring skills to be agents of change and development in their own communities and country. Rather than paying school fees to study at Shine with Skills, our student are required to create a number of re-usable menstrual hygiene packs each month as their way to give back/contribute, which are distributed to vulnerable young women throughout rural Uganda. Our students are also able to make an ongoing income by creating additional packs while studying and also after graduation.