Health Care Support

Delivering quality healthcare in fragile settings requires a daily balancing act for both patients and providers. The communities Relief  serves are often surrounded by life-threatening events that result in physical and emotional wounds, and security makes it challenging to seek treatment. These populations are additionally burdened by chronic poverty and shortages of basic necessities such as food, clean water and safe sanitation – leaving them with little resilience to withstand poor health.

Our work ranges from providing life-saving care to people in vulnerable situations to rebuilding health systems so they can sustainably care for themselves. In areas facing drought, our healthcare facilities screen children for malnutrition and treat waterborne disease spread by lack of access to clean water sources.

When we’re not doing, we’re preparing – by building local capacity through providing food and nutritional advice to families to prevent famine, stockpiling medicine to combat an impending disease outbreak.

All of  the  nutrition work is underpinned by protection measures. This means we ensure that groups facing highly vulnerable situations or with special needs have access and dignity in attaining the quality care they need to live healthy lives.

Our work helps people in vulnerable situations achieve good health and nutrition by:

  • Delivering primary healthcare and emergency treatment
  • Connecting patients to mental health and trauma counseling services
  • Deploying mobile medical units to hard-to-reach areas
    Providing life-saving maternal care (pre-natal, delivery and post-natal)
  • Treating and preventing malnutrition
  • Launching community-based disease prevention campaigns
  • Equipping health facilities to respond to disease outbreak
  • Educating families about health and nutrition
  • Offering sexual and reproductive health services
  • Training local healthcare workers
  • Teaching veterinarians and medical staff to recognize and prevent diseases spread by livestock
  • Acute malnutrition treatment

Combating Hiv/Aids, Malaria And Other Deseases.

Shine With SKills provides education to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in Uganda. We do reach out to communities with information in relation to combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. The program addresses the issues and problems associated with Malaria, HIV and other diseases prevention, creating avenues for young people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS to acquire resources for keeping them in school as well as accessing drop outs with hands on skills training as a way of enhancing employability skills for self-reliance. We also educate a girl child on issues concerning reproductive healthy and providing reusable sanitary pads for personal hygiene. Our services include education, prevention, school fees, shoes, clothes, scholastic materials, referrals, general counseling, training in hands on skills, linking to job opportunities and sanitary pads production.