Computer proficiency is increasingly essential for relevance in today’s computer-driven society.  We are committed to continuing to empower youths and girls in this area.

Computer knowledge is very minimal in rural schools due to lack of: electricity, skilled man power, good building infrastructures, and poverty, among others. Lack of computers in most of the rural communities makes access to information very expensive for everyone including children in primary schools. The solar mobile computer classes will help to extend cheap and affordable computer training services to not only children but also teachers and other community members especially the youth.


This new computer training project shall be powered by solar power to minimize power challenges. The training will be conducted within the selected schools on a weekly basis. The training is mobile in nature and the same equipment shall be used from one school to another without any fear of storage, room, expense to acquire computer and maintaining them,etc. The project will provide skilled man power to conduct the training as well as maintaining the equipment.

Long-Term Impact

The project will reach to about 300 with practical computer skills within a year. About 200 participants will be able to utilize the computers for creating, accessing and sharing news and information. The state of communication and learning will improve greatly in the target communities. Lastly, the participants will be able to enjoy low-cost services that computers can offer as compared to traditional ones.