About Shine with Skills

Shine With Skills (SWS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 by ISHENDA FRANCIS, who was a leader of Jinja Vocational Training Institution in Jinja District, his ambition is helping youths irrespective of gender, education level and background, religious and political orientation and economic abilities.

He set up the shine with skills work shop that trains youth in metal works and fabrication with the help of professional trainers who are also victims of the same challenges, located on plot 60 Oboja rd in Jinja district eastern region of Uganda. He is passionate about the community empowerment of young people through economic dependence.

After the outcome of the feasibility study conducted by Shine with Skills project team, it was discovered that the rate of poverty amidst single young mothers and unskilled youths is alarming and increasing daily. With such finding the vision of the founder was a strong and reliable pillar for the target group hence being brought to life through the establishment of Shine with Skills.

Many youths are living below the poverty line due various factors such as, lack of technical skills, improper upbringing, cultural beliefs, family affluence/ Violence, improper education and the educated youths lack jobs (less jobs –more graduates).

“To achieve a transformed, prosperous, healthy, educated and empowered community’’ is the vision of the organization; which was created due to the findings above thus, Shine With Skills Foundation, aims and proposes to empower youths to be Job creators not seekers hence breaking the poverty cycle.

The proposition is a foundation for the establishment of poverty breakers amidst youths in which the organization specializing thus, setting up various empowerment programs like tailoring, welding, hairdressing , carpentry, computer training and fish cage farming, with  such program the target group is free to join the organization as a direct beneficiary hence fulfilling the purpose for its establishment.

SHINE WITH SKILLS FOUNDATION is to answer the need for youth who drop out of school before acquiring the necessary employable skills. Youth aged between 12-27 make up the biggest percentage of Uganda population and labor force, yet with no skills, while literacy is defined as the ability to read and write, shine with skills foundation envisions youth empowerment beyond literacy to skilling the youth.

Our Goal

Our overall objective is To empower young people through skill acquiring programs to realize their full potential  and Increase household income and well bring through income generation for the youth in Jinja and neighboring districts.
Our MIssion
To improve and sustain the livelihood of all community members through integrated health, education services and other community development programmers.
Our Vision
To achieve a transformed, prosperous, health, educated and empowered community.

Our Major Objectives

  • To educate, empower, strengthen young people through skills acquiring programs to realize their full potential;
  • To promote gender equity and reforms to prevent discrimination.
  • To establish roots with the disadvantaged women with the view to assisting them develop initiatives that secure sustainable livelihood.

Key Activities

  • Mobilizing youths & school dropouts from Jinja and neighboring Districts.
  • Training & empowering youths in vocational skills
  • Follow up visits for the women & the disadvantages traget groups in the different homes.
  • Facilitate target groups to startup income generating activities.
  • Conducting Life skills seminars for youths.


We won’t rest until we see every Ugandan community secure in its access to clean water. And when we say “secure,” we mean: men, women, and children should not have to walk for miles to reach water, miss school to find it, risk safety to collect it, spend hours to treat it, or worry when they drink it.

Why We are Different

Our development philosophy is key to the success and sustainability of our work. We believe that the processes that lead to change are as important as the change itself. These processes can be captured and tested in different contexts. Their strength is their ability to be replicated, and their positive motivational effect on communities.

Shine With Skills Makes Strength

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide. We are Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities