Young father seeking skills for sustainability

Young father seeking skills for sustainability

His name is Kakaire Huzeifa rised by single mother and he dropped out of school due to poverty.

He spent two years without schooling and two years working as a street vendor employed by a local business man in Gulu district northern Uganda in 2018 to 2020 in order to support his mother in Kaliro district eastern Uganda.

When covid struck the planet, He had no choice but to return to his mother in Kaliro district during lock down restriction and was forced in marriage at the age of 19 years after he impregnated a teenager girl of his age due to what he explained as “flesh desires” and idleness a situation that led him to the shine with skills workshop in Jinja Oboja road looking for what to do in this year 2021 to support his 4 months pregnant wife.

Kakaire is soon to be a young father now staying with a relative in jinja with no skills to support him, he has been advised to learn welding and fabrication and working as a messenger, given a small living allowance to support his unskilled wife who’s left with mother in law.

Cases like that of kakaire are at rise due to the effect of covid 19 pandemic. Shine with skills foundation together with partners are rising efforts to support young people by empowering them with vocational skills to fight unskilled labor.


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