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Welcome to Shine With Skills

Shine with Skills foundation is a non government organization that support community actions on empowerments, skilling , environmental sustainability and health, in Uganda.

We are a team of people committed to equip youths in Uganda and worldwide with knowledge and sustainable measures to handle and catch up with the economic league hence breaking the poverty cycle.

We believe that personal development, education and vocational skills are the way to end poverty.

We advocate for a better future for youth in Uganda and worldwide through all the activities and projects we do.

We aim to facilitate and endorse a belief that vocational training will offer youth the chance to secure jobs faster, to be self-reliant and establish their own businesses.

What Do We Do?

In line with the national need for vocational training, we support economic development, by creating partnerships and projects to inform, educate and train youth in Uganda and worldwide.
We foster a change in community attitudes whereby everybody is given the opportunity to succeed through acquiring new skills.
Through the work we enable single mothers & widows in rural villages to be economically independent and self-sustainable.
We tackle environmental governance, biodiversity protection & education, invasive species management, conservation, & eco-tourism.
We contribute to reducing poverty & increasing incomes, environmental sustainability, & livelihoods in the most disadvantaged communities.
Our work ranges from providing life-saving care to people in vulnerable situations to rebuilding health systems so they can sustainably care for themselves.
This project aims to reduce mortality resulting from waterborne diseases by increasing access to safe water, sanitation and better hygiene practices

Our Skilling Programs

We are a team of people committed to equip youth in Uganda and worldwide with the knowlodege and know-how to handle business opportunities and future job endeavors. We believe that personal development, education and vocational skills development are the way to end poverty.
Hair Dressiing

Hair Dressiing

Most Youth (majorly girls) can’t complete their studies due to Gender Based discrimination and violence. This project empowers them to become self-sufficient through employment creation
Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication

Our Metalfabrication & Welding center is a rehabilitation of the ex-convict youths in the region. Welding skilling and training  are very vital programmes for youth in the region.


All products sold are hand-made, the fabrics used are hand-printed and many are hand-woven and only natural dyes are used according the traditional techniques. The project is sustainable…

We believe skills do change the lives of many young people today. And that is why, for this year’s celebrations, we decided to profile some of the programs that are availing skills to young people in Uganda.

Every child has the right to learn

All children have the right to go to school and learn, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. Children attending school in Rural Communities of Uganda face a great number of challenges like: lack of materials to use at school, lack of food, walking long distances, lack of clean and safe water, among others.

Reaching out to poor rural community schools with scholastic materials is one of the key activities

Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria & Other Diseases

Shine With Skills provides education to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in Uganda. We do reach out to communities with information in relation to combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Our Imapct

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide. We are Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities
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Our passion and focus is to see the communities  become  better places for generations to come.

At Shine With Skills, we make sure our work aligns with as many of the United Nations’ broader sustainable development goals as possible.

We work towards Relevant SDG Targets related to Skills and Employability. We advocate for skills as an important factor to improve young people’s transitions to decent work and to highlight the crucial role of skilled youth in addressing today’s most challenging global issues.

We need your help

Shine With Skills works hard and tirelessly to address issues concerning poverty, health and hunger, with its approaches of basic skills in entrepreneurship and hands on skills training and food tower construction.
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All donations are aimed at funding Projects directly impacting change in the community.
Giving to the community is so satisfying as it restores hope for the needy. We embrace any form of share to the community.
Save The Earth
Our Climate and Environment interventions are aimed at creating a sustainable place for a better tomorrow.
Joining Hands To Help The World’s

Some outstanding activities

We’re well-positioned to respond quickly after natural disasters, and we’re committed to supporting recovery for the long haul.
Shine With Skills – We are so passionate about creating change in the community.

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Our Technical Skills Training Program

Our Technical Skills Training program is aimed at building capacities to the youth so that they may acquire the necessary basic skills to produce improved and high quality products that fetch high monetary values thus improving house hold income and promoting industrialisation.

Shine with Skills Makes Strength

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide. We are Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities