Shine With Skills, You deserve the most

Shine with Skills foundation is a non government organization that support community actions on empowerments, skilling , environmental sustainability and health, in Uganda. We are a team of people committed to equip youths in Uganda and worldwide with knowledge and sustainable measures to handle and catch up with the economic league hence breaking the poverty cycle.

Unlocking the full Youth Potential.

Supporting youth is crucial as it cultivates their potential, fostering future leaders and innovators. Empowering them with resources, guidance, and opportunities enhances their skills, builds resilience, and encourages positive contributions to society. Investing in youth creates a stronger, more vibrant community, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.
Our Impact

Empowering young people to become agents of their own development

The general unemployment rate in Uganda today stands at 4.28% while the youth unemployment rate is at 6.58%. Ugandan youths, that is people aged 12 to 35, account for 78% of the country's population, or approximately 27 million people. As many as 64% – 70% of those of working age are unemployed. We are a registered non-profit organization based in Uganda, its focus is to inspire and empower vulnerable youth through training, strengthening community bonds, and promoting youth engagement through volunteerism. This is achieved through intervention in health care, education, ICT and nurturing talents through sports among the youth and the community at large.

We provide evidence, evaluation, and technical guidance.

SWS engages in research, assesses groundbreaking youth initiatives, and shares insights to broaden the understanding of effective strategies in youth development. We compile and distribute evidence-based resources, equipping practitioners and researchers with essential tools to consistently enhance the efficacy of youth development approaches. Our focus lies in cultivating a knowledge base that highlights successful methodologies while aiding the refinement of practices in youth development.

Our Key Focused Goals

  • Committed to reducing poverty and improving economic prospects for young individuals
  • Creating opportunities for youth to discover and express their abilities and skills by empowering them in their decision making.
  • Overarching goal is to contribute to the development of sustainable communities that offer equal opportunities for all youth
  • We focus on promoting physical and mental health among the youth through various health programs and awareness campaigns
Shine Health ProjectGender Equality Program

Our Partners

Through partnerships, organizations Shine With Skills has amplified its impact. Working collectively with partners allows for a wider dissemination of services, reaching more beneficiaries, and addressing multifaceted challenges more comprehensively.